It is too easy to not listen to Jesus

This morning our pastor gave quite a powerful sermon. The story may be “Jesus is coming,” but her message was “He’s already here.”  At the end she asked, would you kneel before Jesus… And she knelt down. I thought, “I should kneel down too.” God put it in my head and twice I ignored him.

I looked out at the congregation from the choir loft and didn’t see anyone else stir, so I thought I misunderstood. The pastor doesn’t want us to follow. I didn’t want to interrupt the moment or do something I wasn’t supposed to. What do I know? I’m still learning. Besides, it was too late.

I talked myself out of it.

Then the pastor noticed one person kneel. She thanked her. Again I thought, I should kneel too. But again I looked out at the congregation and no one else moved, so again I talked myself out of it. If I did it now I would be a copy cat. I would be seen as doing it for the attention. I was really too late this time.

Twice I ignored Jesus’s will.

I feel really bad about that now. I allowed my human emotions, fears, worries, trepidation, stop me from following my Lords will. What I want to tell you, is don’t allow that to happen.

So often we don’t praise His name because we don’t want to offend or make someone uncomfortable. How often have we said cool instead of Amen, awesome instead of Hallelujah.

When you think it, do it. Don’t reconsider for fear. He died for us. The least we can do is listen when he speaks to our hearts.


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Stop waiting for life to start

The other night I woke up in a panic, out of breath, with thoughts of all of the things I needed to do, that were coming up, and I was looking forward to. From Christmas wrapping, shipping and giving, parties, dinners and events, to upcoming readings, tradeshows and work.

Again I realized that all of this planning, preparation, and waiting was taking away from my life’s moments. The day God gave me was being overlooked for the future not promised, and I caught my breath.  I realized again that this looking forward must stop.

Life is not waiting for us to get there. We are already here, living it. It’s not about the party coming up, Christmas eve service or even Christmas day. It’s about this very moment. Every second of today. Who is with you. Who is waiting for you to come back from your planning to be with them.

At this moment I am blogging instead of being here with my husband so I will stop and leave you with this; when you are done reading this, look around and see what God has in store for you today, right now. You don’t even have to plan for it.


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Do the right thing… Pass it forward.

So the other day I was driving in a city – something I don’t do often and even with GPS I found myself in the wrong lane with no warning signs that it was about to end. I signal. Check my mirrors, wait for the closest car to pass. Then see that I had plenty of space before the next car to get over. I start to merge left only to realize that car had sped up considerably, so much so that I couldn’t get over. I slow, wait for him to pass, then get over. As soon as I’m behind him, I saw him stick his hand out the window and flip me off.


So, not only did you not let me over, nearly causing an accident, you flip me off as if I was intentionally trying to ruin your day. If anything, he was trying to ruin my day, but he failed. I continued on, shaking my head, and began wondering why the world was so angry? And from what I can see, he’s the reason why.

So Person B gets rattled by Person A who in turn gets unnecessarily angry at Person C and the trickle down effect continues, expanding exponentially throughout the day, continuing the next day and the next.

Instead of spreading the anger, why not pass forward the good? How about next time someone signals to get over, you don’t speed up, but instead, let them over. They/I will wave thank you which will make you smile and feel good with your deed. You will find joy in helping someone else out who in turn will help the next person.

By the end of the day, the joy will have spread exponentially and the next day will be just as nice.

The next time you are angry, try doing something nice, instead of something mean and see how it makes you feel. I dare ya.


Hamilton Troll's Troll Patrol

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Writing Prompt! “With pen in hand…”

Anyone can be a writer. If you read the below (in purple) and anything at all comes to your mind – write it in the comments field below and see where it takes you! Creative writing can be so much fun and yet sometimes, the hardest thing to do – is start. This is why I have put together Writing Prompt! Finish the sentence below and see where it takes you. Share it with others and see if you can help light a spark in others!

“With pen in hand…”

I sat at my desk with an empty notepad and stared at the blank page. I knew exactly what my heart wanted to say but I also know my heart hadn’t talked to my brain in a very long time. Getting this written down was probably going to be the hardest thing I had ever done in my entire life – but I knew deep down – that this was the most important thing I had to do with the rest of my life.

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Writing Prompts! – A Game

One of the goals for my blog is to provide inspiration for writers to follow their dreams, and one of the biggest problems writers face is writers block! That is why I am starting something new here,

Writing Prompts!  –  A Game

Every once in a while, in order to light the fire for creative writing, I’m going to post a writing prompt. I’ll write a sentence or two of what comes to my mind – then in the comments field below – I ask you to write a sentence or two of your own to the writing prompt. I’d love to see what we all come up with. Anyone can post, you don’t have to sign up or have an account to comment, anyone can add on to another’s post, or comment regarding mine. It will be organized under the category of Writing Prompts, and it may help you get those juices flowing. It may even help someone get back in the writers seat or inspire a child to start writing.  Let’s all write and have fun with it!


“I looked down and saw it. I couldn’t believe it, but there it was…”


My ring that had been missing for two weeks. Certain it was gone forever. Certain someone had found it and absconded with it. I look down in the sand of the playground, just under the slide and there it was shimmering brightly in the afternoon sun. How could I have lost it there? I never take it off…


Go -

Now finish the sentence to the writing prompt above: “…but there it was…

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Sitting at Jesus side

James & John wanted to sit at the right and left side of Jesus, I don’t think that went over well because, and I am assuming, they were hoping for higher positions in heaven than just angels. But for whatever reason, my limited Christian education always gave way for an image of my loved ones getting to hang out with Jesus for a while when they got to Heaven. I even imagined my dog Smurphy getting to take a short nap in Jesus’ lap until he felt brave enough to explore heaven on his own. I’ve just always felt everyone who gets to heaven gets to meet and spend a bit of time with Jesus.

That being said, and because I am related to a very smart mathematician, I tend to enjoy working on math problems in my head, usually while I am driving or feeding the turtles. Anyways, I started thinking about the number of people we have on the planet, about 7 billion and of those, 1.8 people die every second. While that number can go up or down, the average works out to about two people, one on either side of Jesus, every second of every day for all eternity. Makes you happy to think that time is different in heaven, or pray that it is, because my dog Smurphy would have needed a lot longer to find his bravery to go explore on his own.


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Coming Toward – An Interpretive Video

There is a song by David Crowder called “Coming Toward” It is an instrumental piece that is repetitive but it keeps building the intensity until finally it resolves. It’s an amazing piece. Anyways, whenever I listen to it an amazing imagery comes to mind and I’ve been seeing it for months. While I would have liked the motion of the walking for the video, I think you will grasp my intentions clearly and hope you enjoy this piece and the video I created to go along with it. This could be the shortest blog I’ve written to date! :-)

“Coming Toward” – David Crowder

Narrated and Video By: Kathleen J. Shields

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School Visit & Reading – Watch Videos!

Hello All, I know it’s been a week since my last post but that is because I’ve been editing and creating videos to share with you!  I recently did a reading at:

Blackshear Elementary Fine Arts Academy

in Austin, TX and was privileged enough to have a videographer from the

Texas Association of Authors

record my visit and interaction with the children.

I had so much fun answering the 2nd graders questions and today, I get to share some of those highlights with you.  I know there are a lot of videos but they are short, so enjoy, and rate them or comment on them if you like.

I’d love to hear from you all!

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Thank you!

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If kids aren’t supposed to take candy from strangers… can someone please explain Halloween?

halloween-candyDon’t take candy from strangers! Do parents still tell that to children? Do parents still teach their children about the dangers of drugs laced in candy or razor blades in chocolate? I remember those talks vividly. I remember mom saying, don’t ever eat an unwrapped piece of candy. Always have her check the candy first. That scare, over-night, removed the candied apples and popcorn balls from the Halloween bags. Heck even raisins were questionable since they weren’t wrapped in cellophane.

How sad is it that we live in a society where we can’t trust our neighbors, where strangers are dangers and children are never safe.

This Halloween, be safe, of course, but have fun. Let a child be a child for a little bit tonight and if you must go through their candy, as my mom did, and some of the chocolate just happened to be removed, admit it is the fee for taking them trick or Treating and the sweet-tooth in you begging to be fed.

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Don’t do crossword puzzles in pen


The other day a friend  posted something on her timeline. She recalled a conversation she had once had with her father. She remembered the media making a big deal over a man who used a pen to complete crossword puzzles while her father always used pencil. She asked him about that and this is what he said:


“What kind of a person would I be
if I thought I was so perfect
that I could never make a mistake,
or think my answers are the only answers.
We all need to go back and fix our mistakes if we can.”

That is very true, and something we all should take to heart. We are human. We make mistakes. We may have the best intentions. Plan to always do the right thing. Give the best advice and write down the answer that fits, but sometimes 14 across that starts with P is about being


rather than


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